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Keep your career moving ONWARD and UPWARD

It’s time to take control of your career. Time to move toward greater fulfillment, contribution, and prosperity.

And a well-written resume is the first step.

At RedRocketResume, we deliver resumes that showcase your unique accomplishments and career potential.

  • Greater confidence and clarity in your career progression.
  • More interviews.
  • Ready for the next great opportunity that comes your way.
  • More offers—for the jobs you really want.

If you’re ready to manage your career (instead of letting your career manage you), you’ve come to the right place.

A new resume can open doors to a brighter career.

(At least, that’s what our customers say.)

Before RedRocketResume

The world changed around me and my experience was not getting noticed.

My resume was a complete mess.

I had been so discouraged.

I had worked with two other resume-writing services yet obtained no results.


After RedRocketResume

Within a week of sending out my resume, I had 3 interviews and am now considering 2 offers.

I was hired within 4 weeks of putting out my first RedRocket resume!

My LinkedIn profile is generating contacts daily.

This resume was key to me finding a job that I really wanted quickly.

3 Ingredients in Our Secret Sauce

Resume Expertise

Work start-to-finish with a dedicated, highly-trained writer with the expertise to transform your work history into a powerful resume—whatever your industry, background, or career level.

Personal Service

Resumes aren’t one-size-fits-all. We don’t do templates. We’ll call you on the phone to talk through your career history and custom-build a resume tailored to your specific goals. Our job isn’t done until you’re thrilled with your new resume.


A professionally written resume stands a 40% greater chance of getting attention. Our clients tell us they get faster interviews and more offers for the jobs they really want. Plus, the process of working with a resume writer brings clarity and focus to your career goals.
Take "figure out how to write a resume" OFF your to-do list.
After working for years for big-box resume writing mills, I created RedRocketResume to make the world a better place—one happy career at a time.

I take great pride in delivering top-notch, up-to-date resume expertise and customer service that’s truly a service.

Our customers consistently report more hits, more interviews, and greater success with their new resumes. Much of our business comes from friends and family of our happy customers.

Most of all, I love helping people build careers that bring them greater stability, compensation, peace of mind, and fulfillment.

Because a good job isn’t just a good paycheck—it’s a key to our deeper dreams of creating value and making the world a better place.


President & Founder / Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

A New Resume Is Easy as 1-2-3

Give us a starting point

All we need is some basic info on your work history and career goals, usually in the form of your old resume. Job postings of interest are helpful, too.

Phone Consult

This is where the magic happens! Your writer will review your info, then set up a phone call to discuss your job target and career strengths.


Have some questions?  Just don’t love it? No problem. Your writer is happy to email revisions or set up another phone call to discuss options. Our job is to make sure you are thrilled with your new resume.

Our job isn’t finished until you are fully satisfied with your new resume.

Ready for something bigger?


We make the resume-writing process simple, pain-free, and energizing.

Work one-on-one with a trained writer who will create a custom resume just for you.

  • Built from the ground up.
  • Tailored to your unique career goals.
  • Optimized for ATS (automated Applicant Tracking Systems).
  • Targeted.
  • Sharp-looking.
  • Aligned with current feedback from real-world recruiters and career coaches.

(We also create cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and all the other employment documents you need.)

Are you LinkedIn








The Rocket Pack


Custom-made by an expert resume writer to showcase your skills and open doors.

LinkedIn Profile

A good LinkedIn profile is an essential tool in your career arsenal. Don’t worry, we’ll create a keyword-optimized profile that’ll get results.


Cover Letter Template

Your custom blueprint to create a cover letter that sets you apart from the competition.

Customization Guide

Our unique mini-course that gives you the inside scoop on getting your resume past ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

You can't make a better investment in your career

Let’s say your most recent job paid $60,000/year.

If you land a new job with a 5% salary increase 

Your resume pays for itself 10x over in your first year on the job.

If you land your new job 1 week faster 

Your resume pays for itself 3x over in your first week on the job.

And if your new job gives you a better-fit, more satisfying role and the higher quality of life that comes with it?


Not to mention—

  ✓ No second-guessing the rules of resume writing.
  ✓ Confidence in sending out your resume.
  ✓ No hassle.
  ✓ No awkwardly trying to toot your own horn.

Just a few years ago I wasn’t sure were to start, but with your help, I now sit in Europe, with a dream position and six-figure salary. You played no small part in that. Thanks again for hard work. You are changing lives.

Systems Administrator

I got an interview call on my very first submission. Thanks to your resume. I was able to clear the interview, and got a very good pay package. I am so happy. Thank you once again. Working with you was one of the best decisions I have made.

Senior Java Developer

I applied for nearly 35 jobs and received only 2 interviews. After having Angela work her magic, I applied for 15 jobs, received 4 interview requests and 1 job offer. That’s more than a 500% increase in activity and positive responses! This was an excellent investment and well worth the money!

Operations Manager

In just a few weeks after working with RedRocketResume, my job search has completely turned around. She takes the time to communicate and listen to your needs and expectations while capturing your skills in a way that showcases your talents. After doing plenty of research on how to choose the right resume writer, I am beyond pleased with her work.

Healthcare Client Services

Within the first few days of posting my updated resume, the amount of direct contacts from potential employers went up tenfold! From the very first day I contacted her, I knew she would make my goals a personal priority of hers.

Sales Team Leader

She took my multi-page resume, drilled down on the most important points, helped me to identify my real contributions to the companies I worked for, and transformed it magically into a one-page, professionally-done, concise summary of my professional achievements. I highly recommend her to you for resume building and LinkedIn profile optimization.

Finance & Operations Executive

Our Promise

Job hunting is stressful enough, so here’s our no-risk guarantee:

We will create a strong, targeted resume that you are proud to send out as a best reflection of your professional skills. If you don’t feel we’ve done that, then our job isn’t done. We’ll continue working with you until you are 100% satisfied.

You’re welcome.

A brighter career
is just around the corner.

Find out what we can do for you.

Q: My situation is unusual. I’m an entrepreneur / returning to the workforce / high-level exec / new grad / job changer … Are you experienced working with someone like me?
Yes! We’ve worked with clients in every demographic, at every career level, from new grads to Fortune 50 VPs. Long-time entrepreneur looking for a 9-to-5? New grad looking to land your first real job? Established professional looking to switch career tracks? Jack of all trades looking to specialize? Job hopper looking to settle down?

Our expert writers bring years of experience and a big, fat toolbox of strategies to showcase your experience. We know how to minimize your potential shortfalls and highlight your strengths.


Q: Do your resumes get results?
Yes! Our clients frequently let us know that they see greater attention, land more interviews, and have better success landing better jobs after using our service. We can’t control the entire job market or guarantee the results you’ll see when you send out your new resume, but we can guarantee our work within the trends of resume best practices and within the standards sought after by recruiters and hiring managers.
Q: Who will I be working with? Do you outsource your resumes?
There’s a huge gamut of service levels in the resume writing industry, so you’re not alone in worrying about the quality of service you’ll receive. At RedRocketResume, you’ll work one-on-one with an expert resume writer (either Angela or one of my hand-picked writers) from start to finish. Once you make your order, you’ll hear from your writer right away, and we’ll never be more than an email or phone call away. If you ever have any concerns, please contact Angela directly: angela@redrocketresume.com
Q: Aren’t resumes outdated and useless?
Nope. Even if you have a great LinkedIn profile (and you should!), even if you’ll land your next job via your professional network, even in the fast-moving tech sectors—a resume remains an indispensable career development tool. Very few positions are filled without a resume. Even internal placements often require a resume to document to candidates’ qualifications and justify their pay scale.
Q: Can’t I just write my resume myself? (Or ask my girlfriend/boss/dad/coworker?)
Well, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Resumes are a tricky genre with a lot of quirks and ever-changing rules and trends. So it’s invaluable to have someone who knows the ins and outs of what really works in today’s markets.

We often write resumes for people who write marketing copy for a living and who recognize a.) it’s worth the investment to present a strong resume and b.) it’s really hard to write about yourself in an impersonal, promotional tone. At RedRocketResume, we can guide you through the process of identifying your personal brand and making sure it comes through in your resume.

Q: What do you need from me to get started?
All we really need is some basic information about your work history. Most people send a copy of their old resume. A couple job postings of interest are also very helpful.
Q: What if I want revisions?
You’re in luck. All our services come with unlimited revisions. Email your writer any changes or questions, or schedule a phone call to discuss. Your writer will work with you until you’re 100% happy with your new resume.

There are two caveats here:

First, we ask that you communicate your revisions to us within one week so your writer can keep you and your resume fresh in mind.

Second, we’ll provide revisions as needed to completed this version of your resume. If your job target or specifications change or you need a second version of your resume (for example, if you’re interested in two types of jobs), your writer will discuss add-on fees.

Q; What if I don’t have a resume to submit (or my old resume is embarrassingly horrible)?
First of all, you can’t scare us with a bad resume. We’ve seen them all.

But for clients whose existing resumes are way outdated or nonexistent, we have a simple worksheet you can use to brainstorm the basic data about your last ten years of work history. Remember, we’re here to do the heavy lifting, so don’t worry about crafting comprehensive or eloquent responses on the worksheet. Just give us the basic what-when-wheres and we’ll take it from there!

Q: How long does the process take?
Typically about a week. Your writer will review the information you submit, then you and your writer will to schedule a phone call. Typically your writer will give you a chance to review the first resume draft before working on your LinkedIn profile. If you’re facing an application deadline or other time constraint, just let us know.
Q: I need my new resume asap. Like, tomorrow. Can you help?
We offer a 24-hour Express turnaround and 2-day turnaround, pending writer availability. Contact us for more information on fees.
Q: What format will my new resume come in? Will I be able to make edits?
You’ll receive both a PDF and an editable Word doc of your new resume. These are the two formats most likely to be requested in a job application, and the ones most compatible with ATS systems. 
Q: I want a super modern, graphic resume. Can you help?
Unless you’re a graphic designer showcasing your work, we don’t recommend a super-designed resume. Here’s why:

First, ATS systems can’t read columns or text boxes, so a fancy resume often won’t reach a human reader.

Second, the traditional resume format functions like shorthand for a hiring manager or HR pro. It allows them to quickly find the information they need right where they expect to find it.

Based on consistent feedback from our career coach and recruiter partners, we create resumes that hit a happy medium: modern, attractive design within the established conventions with proven results.

Q: I got the first draft of my resume from you and...I'm not thrilled. What can I do?

Sorry our first effort didn’t hit the mark. That’s why we have revisions with your writer built into our process.

Your writer is working to integrate years of work history, your career goals, your personality and working style, industry norms, and resume best practices. Sometimes it takes a few rounds of communication.

First, please don’t panic. We’re committed to working with you until you’re happy with your resume. Please email your writer or set up a phone call to talk things through. For 99% of our clients, 3 rounds of revisions are more than enough to create a resume they’re proud of.

If you still have concerns, contact Angela directly: angela@redrocketresume.com

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