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RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

“RedRocketResume was efficient and friendly! The resume revisions they made for me gave me the confidence to reach higher, and bring my varied experience together into a more cohesive story. I recommend their services, not just for a more effective resume, but also for the opportunity to see your own experience objectively and with a fresh perspective. I highly recommend their work!!“

– Jenna Pike

“RedRocketResume truly took the time to tailor my resume along with the keywords that recruiters in the SaaS industry look for. Within a few days of re-writing my resume and updating my LinkedIn profile, I was extended an offer with a great company in the SaaS industry. I would recommend them to anyone!”

– Jonathan Thatcher

"A recruiter reached out to me solely on the strength of my LinkedIn profile. I ended up taking the job, and now, less than a year later, I'm being promoted."

– Julianne Gray
RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

Ready for your next big thing?

You’ve got your eye on the perfect next opportunity and all the good things that come with it—a fulfilling career, job stability, increased prosperity, and fewer worries, to name just a few!

You’ve got the qualifications. Excellent experience. Incredible potential.

But there’s one thing standing in your way.

Your resume.

Maybe it’s old and outdated, maybe you’re looking to make a career change, or maybe it’s time to reach for the next rung on your career ladder.

Whatever your background, before you can land the interview, your resume will need to do some serious heavy lifting:

Make it through applicant tracking system (ATS) software

Check all the boxes for HR

Impress the hiring manager

Use the right keywords

Determine your place on a pay scale

Show your real potential

One thing’s for sure: you’re going to need a lot more than an online template or a quick fix to get where you’re going.

Don’t worry! RedRocketResume is here to help.

A well-written resume is the first step toward your goals. We’ll help you create a resume that showcases your unique accomplishments and potential so you can enjoy more confidence, more interviews, and more opportunities.

RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

“Just a few years ago, I wasn’t sure where to start. But with RedRocketResume’s help, I now sit in Europe with a dream position and six-figure salary. RedRocket played no small part in that. Thanks again for the hard work. They are changing lives!”

– Joshua, Systems Administrator

Getting Started is Easy

Dedicated, professional writer

Work 1:1 with a seasoned resume writer who will translate your experience into polished, engaging professional documents.

Phone consultation

Dig into your work history and your career trajectory with your writer to refine your resume strategy.

Unlimited revisions

Request as many drafts as you need until you’re completely satisfied with your new resume.

Custom resume

You’ll be surprised what a well-written, laser-focused resume will do for your career… and your confidence!

LinkedIn profile

Optimize your profile to impress employers and attract all the right recruiters.

And more!

With three packages to choose from, you can get exactly what you need for your unique career progression.

RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

“With one telephone interview, RedRocketResume was able to put into words the qualities and abilities that I have that would be important to a prospective employer. They have been an awesome resource to me and provide several benefits beyond a professional looking resume! Thank you RedRocket!”

– Vicki Siegel, Lab Technician

Make Your Resume Irresistible!

Looking for the key to a successful resume? The answer’s in our secret sauce.


Our dedicated, highly-trained writers have the training and expertise to transform your work history into a powerful resume.

Personal Service

We’ll talk through your career history and custom-build a resume tailored to your specific goals.


Get more interviews and offers for the jobs you really want.

All that, and a side of confidence! Your deep dive with your resume writer will bring greater clarity and focus to your career goals, and seeing your experience and potential on paper will give you the assurance and determination you need to chase down your goals.

RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

“Even as someone who basically used to read resumes for a living, I have a hard time writing one for myself. Not only will they make you say, “Wow, I sound amazing!”, I have found that the process itself of describing your experience and aspirations in a one-on-one conversation and landing on the perfect way to express it is really great preparation for the phone screenings and interviews to come.”

– Ruth Ashurst, Human Resources

Cover Letter Strategy and Tips featured by top professional resume writers, RedRocketResume

Move Forward

Does this sound familiar?


You’ve submitted dozens job applications, but haven’t gotten any calls


You haven’t updated your resume in years


You don’t know how to quantify your accomplishments


You’re ready to invest in yourself


You know you were meant for something bigger


You’re new to the job market and don’t know where to start


Your LinkedIn profile is bare bones


Your resume was built from a word processor template


You’re worried about keywords and getting past ATS screeners


You can’t describe yourself very well


You know you need something bigger and better

If you answered yes, RedRocketResume is for you!

RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

Just Imagine…


The relief of knowing you’re in the driver’s seat of your career


Never second guessing if your resume is giving the information employers are looking for.


Finally landing interviews for the companies and roles you really want


Actually getting the pay, recognition, and promotions you deserve

Our resumes and LinkedIn profiles will help you:

Accelerate your job search

by spending less time worrying about your resume and more time interviewing

Highlight your special skills and experience

with succinct, powerful explanations tailor-fitted to match your ideal job

Keep your career moving onward and upward

with SEO-optimized keywords that get more profile hits and attention

Land the job of your dreams

so you can enjoy the fulfilling and prosperous life you deserve
Cover Letter Strategy and Tips featured by top professional resume writers, RedRocketResume

Our Promise

Job hunting is stressful enough, so here’s our no-risk guarantee:

We will create a strong, targeted resume that you are proud to send out as a best reflection of your professional skills. If you don’t feel we’ve done that, then our job isn’t done. We’ll continue working with you until you are 100% satisfied with your new resume.

A message from Angela Ashurst-McGee, President and Founder of RedRocketResume

There’s no way around it: landing a new job is hard. Whether you’re going up for that big promotion or trying to break into a new career path, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed, afraid, and unsure.

The modern job market is complex. Even when you’ve got the perfect skills and experience for that ideal job, it can feel next-to-impossible to turn your amazing potential into powerful bullet points. And with increasingly advanced AI software screener systems, ever-changing best practices, and loads of bad advice coming from all sides, it’s no wonder if you’re feeling discouraged.

After working for years for big-box resume writing mills that churned out sterile, generic resumes, I created RedRocketResume to make the world a better place—one happy career at a time.

Because a good job isn’t just a good paycheck—it’s a key to our deeper dreams of creating value and making the world a better place.

That’s why RedRocketResume takes great pride in delivering top-notch, up-to-date resumes with customer service that’s truly a service.

Angela Ashurst-McGee, CPRW

We make it easy:

Choose your resume package

With three levels of resume packages, plus specialized packages for executives and jobseekers, you can get the exact services you need.

Tell us about yourself

Send us your basic info, then dig in deep during a 1-on-1 phone call with your personal expert resume writer.

Wow potential employers with your professional resume

After as many rounds of revisions as you need, send out your shiny new resume!

A powerful resume is the essential first step to building a career that will bring you greater stability, compensation, peace of mind, and fulfillment.

We’re proud that our customers consistently report more hits, more interviews, and greater success with their new resumes. In fact, much of our business comes from friends and family of our happy customers.

You deserve to take charge of your career. Let’s get started today.

RedRocketResume: Professional Resume Writing Services Online

“I applied for nearly 35 jobs and received only 2 interviews. After having RedRocketResume work their magic, I applied for 15 jobs, received 4 interview requests, and 1 job offer. That’s more than a 500% increase in activity and positive responses! This was an excellent investment and well worth the money!”

– Kevin, Operations Manager

Are you looking for an executive service or jobseekers' bundle?

Your future is calling.

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