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What a Cover Letter Can Do That a Resume Can’t

Most professionals know the importance of a well-written resume. But don’t stop there. Angela from RedRocketResume explains why a cover letter can help you get the attention you deserve. One of the most common–and most damaging–mistakes job seekers make is neglecting their cover letter. Getting a hiring manager’s attention is first and foremost a marketing endeavor. Like a movie trailer, a cover letter encapsulates the main ideas and most compelling highlights of your...

The Recruiter-Approved, High-Impact Strategy for Submitting Your Cover Letter

Like Mark Twain (pre-1910, anyway), reports of the death of cover letters are greatly exaggerated. A good cover letter lets you break through the limitations of a just-the-facts-ma’am resume so you can introduce yourself, describe your career trajectory, and reveal your working style and career philosophy. Perhaps most important, a cover letter shows that you go all the way and that you know how to play the game. But in a world of email attachments and online job applications, how exactly do...

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