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How to Ace a Phone or Web Interview

Your next job search will include phone or webcam interviews. But don’t let worries about managing video conference software add to your nerves over navigating an interview. Angela from RedRocketResume shares the top dos and don’ts from an interview coach for phone/web interview etiquette.

5 Steps to a World-Class Resume in 2019

Our goal at RedRocketResume isn’t to deliver resumes that look good. Our goal is to create resumes that work. That means resumes that give hiring managers the information they need to identify you as the person best qualified to solve their problems and make their businesses run better. One of the ways I keep RedRocketResume up to date with current hiring practices is partnering with recruiters and career coaches. This helps us align our deliverables with what works in the real-world job...

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Professionally Written Resume to Apply for a Job

You’ve paid good money for a professionally written resume. It’s modern, clean, readable, and accomplishments-driven. It’s perfectly error-free, and it represents your unique professional brand. You’re ready to shoot that resume to the next good-fit job opening you see, right? Wrong. No matter how well-crafted your resume, it isn’t yet ready for prime time. The reason is simple: ATS. Head here for a quick refresher on what ATS is and how companies use it in the hiring process. In short, you...