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What You Need to Know about Submitting Job References

Job references are one of those mysterious elements of a job search that happen behind the HR curtain. Do they really contact my references? What do they ask? This month, I talked with HR professionals and career coaches to learn more about how references are handled and how you can be proactive and strategic in submitting your references. HR pros tell me it isn’t uncommon for a reference they contact to be: ✓ Unaware of the application.   ✓ Unavailable to schedule a call.   ✓ Unresponsive to...

LinkedIn by the Numbers: How to Leverage LinkedIn Character Limits to Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn has become an essential component of a well-managed career portfolio. A strong LinkedIn profile can do a lot for your professional brand: ⇨  Communicate your professional brand to prospective employers, who will definitely check you out on LinkedIn as part of their vetting process. ⇨  Remind networking contacts who you are and what you do. ⇨  Rank you in recruiter search results, so you’ll be on the radar of recruiters who are searching for candidates for the positions you’re actually...

How to Ace a Phone or Web Interview

Your next job search will include phone or webcam interviews. But don’t let worries about managing video conference software add to your nerves over navigating an interview. Angela from RedRocketResume shares the top dos and don’ts from an interview coach for phone/web interview etiquette.