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Resumes for Law School / Business School Applications

MBA/business school or law school can be a great career investment. Such applications generally call for a resume, along with a personal statement, recommendation letters, and other documentation. But the professional resume you already have probably will not fit the bill. A professional school application resume is a whole different animal from a professional resume. Not only are the audiences and purposes different, but the expectations of what should and shouldn’t be included are unique for...

Open Sesame! How to Use Keywords to Get Your Resume Past ATS

One of the resume questions I get most often is regarding keywords. People hear stories about a mysterious computer system that screens resumes and discards those that don’t have the magic words! The stories are true. Many companies, particularly large companies doing high-volume hiring, use Applicant Tracking Systems (known as ATS) to streamline the hiring process. An ATS scans incoming resumes to measure how well the resume matches the job posting—simply by comparing how many keywords from...

Feel Good, Do Good: The Happiest Way to Increase Your Career Success

Here’s some solid career development advice that’s perfect for summertime. Studies show that a huge predictor of your career success is… your happiness. That’s right, there’s reams of data-driven evidence that our personal happiness and the positivity of the culture that surrounds us has very real influence over our performance. When you feel better, you do better. People who feel good, do good. These aren’t just feel-good platitudes. They’re borne out by research. Here are a couple stunning...

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