Why Your Career Isn’t Your Dream

RedRocketResume is all about helping peoples’ dreams come true.

I started my business to provide people with great resumes that open doors to great jobs. And great jobs, in turn, open doors to prosperity, peace of mind, and fulfillment. I truly believe that a great resume can have a huge influence on your dreams and ambitions.

What I don’t often talk about is the fact that RedRocketResume is also making my dreams come true.

This often isn’t kosher to admit in professional circles, but one of my biggest life dreams has always been raising a family. As (I like to think!) a talented, intelligent, well-educated woman with all the amenities of the modern world before me, my dream is a driveway strewn with wagons and bikes. A kitchen table covered with graham crackers and school papers. Bedrooms full of bunk beds. Cherished babies who grow up to be happy, inquisitive children who grow up to be self-assured, service-minded adults.

In many ways, this dream of mine has come true. In college, I met a man who shared those dreams. Together we have spent the last nineteen years raising a family that now includes six children. (Yes, six!)

My business is all about helping our clients fulfill their dreams. But the truth is, I also created RedRocketResume to help fulfill my dream of supporting our big, happy family.

RedRocketResume lets me work from home, often from the kitchen table. While I work hard to be super available and responsive to my clients, I can almost always arrange my work time so I can spend a morning with the toddler, drive to karate, and supervise homework and music practice. And RedRocketResume has helped bankroll everything from a Christmas trip to Grandma’s to a new swing set to our annual order of school uniforms.

For most of us, a career is a tool to support our deeper dreams of supporting our loved ones, creating value, and making the world a better place.

A good job pays the bills, yes. But it also creates feelings of security, self-identity, peace of mind, and benefit to the world. (Just ask anyone who finds themselves without a job.) A good job puts food on the table. But it also funds things like vacations and college educations and charitable giving, things that feed our deep life values.

We pursue jobs, promotions, and business deals not just for money, the thrill of the chase, or a desire to be recognized (although those things are great when they come). We pursue them because that pursuit brings us closer to our real dreams and goals.

RedRocketResume is the ultimate win-win: I help you live your dreams, and in return, you’re helping me live mine.