I told you last time about how LinkedIn‘s search tools for recruiters are making LinkedIn an essential part of a successful job search. Here’s a new article from Wired shedding a little light on “LinkedIn Recruiter.” That’s the specialized, paid search portal that’s like a “two-way mirror where companies and recruiters can see all of your profile information, without you knowing they’re checking you out.”

LinkedIn is investing heavily in LinkedIn Recruiter, and its impact on the world of recruiting and job search is growing by leaps and bounds.

So what does this mean for you? According to Wired:

If you care a whit about your career not only do you have to be on LinkedIn, you should have a detailed profile with your job history. It should look like your resume.

I couldn’t agree more that anyone who values their long-term career progression must have a strong  LinkedIn profile. But should your LinkedIn profile look like your resume?

Not exactly.

Yes, a LinkedIn profile should look like a resume in the sense that it should be complete, professional, detailed, and accomplishments-based.

But no, a LinkedIn profile should not be an online copy of your resume.

A LinkedIn profile is it own beast, with its own constraints, quirks, and best practices. For example, it’s not limited by the size of and 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and so can be more liberal in including older or brief jobs, non-degree schooling, etc. Even more so than a resume, a good LinkedIn profile must be heavily keyword optimized–and there are several built-in features that make this easy. And since LinkedIn is first and foremost a social network, your profile should be more personable and chatty (within limits) than a resume can be.

Here are some great LinkedIn profiles I’ve seen lately that combine professionalism and resume-like detail while taking advantage of the unique structure of a LinkedIn profile. (Hint: One of them should look familiar!)


Some of the key features you see here are beefed-up Summary sections, images, work samples, short paragraphs, and headings–all of which make these LinkedIn profiles look more like successful web pages than traditional resumes.

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