Last year the U.S. economy was booming. With thousands of new job openings every week, headhunters were inundated by a constant flood of opportunities in the market. Outplacement services were a fleeting thought, for the most part. Job placement was a benefit largely set aside for select chief executives, 

Fast forward to 2020: In the face of Covid-19, the job market has gone through a dramatic shift, with ramifications that could last more than a decade. As payrolls continue to face major cuts, employee-centric companies are struggling to find resources for departing workers. In a floundering economy, career rehoming has taken on critical importance to employees and employers alike. It’s not an exaggeration to say job placement is a benefit that’s here to stay; it will be expected among rank-and-file workers and executives alike in 2021 and beyond. 

Weathering the Transition 

No one enjoys letting employees go.

Most managers and business owners rank layoffs as their most difficult job responsibility. There’s no scenario where it’s easy to upend a person’s future in a 20-minute meeting, especially an employee who has been in the same position for many years. 

Whether you’re undergoing organizational restructuring or workforce reduction, it’s enormously important for companies to protect their brand and reputation in the face of economic transformation. Providing job placement for employees is one of the easiest ways to ensure this transition goes smoothly for both an employee and the company. 


Introducing RedRocketResume’s Custom Job Placement Service

At RedRocketResume, we’ve been employment industry experts for 15+ years, guiding thousands of people through the job search process. We’re thrilled to extend our services to corporate entities and small businesses alike, providing job outplacement services for whatever business transformation you’re facing. 

This industry is packed with fluff-filled corporate outplacement services that provide generic job placement services with a large price tag. We know you don’t want to pay for what you don’t need, especially if you’re already trying to cut overhead. This is why our services include boutique-caliber sessions working 1:1 with highly trained resume writers and career coaches from our specialized team.

If you’re not convinced our job placement service should be part of your benefits package, consider this: 

  • We guard your brand.
    Providing outplacement services as part of a benefits package shows potential new employees, outside stakeholders, and investors that your business is people-centric. This supports positive relationships as employees exit, dramatically decreasing the risk of your business having a negative public image or bad online reviews.
  • We reduce unnecessary employee turnover.
    Layoffs and transitions have a pebble-in-the-pond effect when existing employees get career jitters as they see fellow workers transitioning. Providing outplacement service helps retained employees know that they’re valued, making them less likely to jump ship.
  • We provide painless benefits.
    Our services aren’t just good for outgoing employees, they’re an attractive benefit for potential employees who may want to transition in a few years.  

Whether you’re making a change in executive leadership or completely repositioning your workforce, we have a flat-rate package that will fit your business needs. 

Our job search services start as soon as you give the word. Our process is quick and effective, with no agencies or extensive paperwork necessary.  Within a week, we meet with your outgoing employees to identify their career goals, preferred work environment, skills, and salary requirements. Then we do a job search that’s exactly tailored to their needs – saving you time and maintaining positive relationships. 

RedRocketResume’s Outplacement Service provides: 

  •  A transparent flat-priced package starting at $697 per employee with no surprises or added fees. No hassle or hustle here.
  •  ATS-optimized documents with the right content and keywords for automated screeners and SEO.
  • Customized matching with one of our in-house, highly-trained writers with the industry background in your market.
  • A wide variety of customized add-on services, including LinkedIn profiles, executive bios, cover letters, interview prep, career coaching, and more.
  • Commitment to total customer satisfaction. Our job isn’t not done until your employees are  100% happy with their experience.

When the time comes, show your commitment to your employees’ successful career transition, our custom-tailored outplacement packages will be a true game-changer for your employees. 

Need a one-time service? Ready to add us to your benefits package? Just ready to explore your options? Learn more at RedRocketResume Outplacement or reach out at for a free consultation.