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Meet our new writer - RedRocketResume

RedRocketResume is thrilled to introduce LYNNE, our newest writer!

Lynne brings over 10 years of top-of-the-line resume writing experience, plus a sincere commitment to serving each and every client.

I am VERY picky about hiring new writers. I insist on certifications, years of experience, and deep knowledge of the resume writing process. But just as important, I hire only writers who understand that personal connection is a crucial element of successful resume writing.

Lynne stands out for her genuine engagement with her clients. She says, “I’m a positive-minded, compassionate person by nature, and I do my best to boost my clients’ confidence. I assure them that I have many tricks up my sleeve to suit all situations—and that we will be focusing on the positive in their resume. Overall, I try to treat my clients as I would like to be treated.”