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Let It Shine!: Thoughts on An Open Cover Letter - RedRocketResume

I recently happened upon Brianne Garcia’s blog and her fascinating description of her recent job search.

After Brianne’s startup failed, she posted this open cover letter telling ” awesome person at the awesome company reading this right now” why she was “READY TO RUMBLE WHEN YOU ARE.

Brianne’s cover letter breaks Rule Number 1 for both resumes and cover letters, namely, prove it. Her letter asserts that she is a people person, a hustler, a problem-solver, an organizer, but it contains no description of past experience to prove that she has, in fact, done those things in the past.

So what makes this cover letter successful?

I think it’s that Brianne’s personality shines through. For example, she writes, “You will be running around BAREFOOT, saying ‘This is the most hardworking, humble and excited young woman I have ever hired!’ I promise!” Her enthusiasm, her drive, her readiness to give her all–they all show in every line of the letter.

Personality may not be the most important part of a job search, but it helps. I recently wrote a cover letter for a client who told me, “I love it! It sounds like something I would say!” Which is just what I intended.

Resumes and cover letters should follow basic professional standards. But don’t be afraid to break the mold a little and let  your personality shine through!

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