Do you ever feel that the world of recruiters and hiring managers is a big mystery? Sometimes it can feel that job seekers send their resumes into a black hole.

Here’s a refreshingly candid interview with Denise Willkerson, President and Director of Executive Search for Global Edge Recruiting Associates. Denise sheds some light on the world of recruiting and hiring and confirms some tried-and-true, simple truths about effective job searching:

  • Your resume must make a positive impression within a few seconds.
  • Focus your resume on key accomplishments.
  • Keep your resume brief and focused.
  • Dress conservatively and professionally for an interview.
  • Show focus and enthusiasm at the interview.
  • Make eye contact and shake hands with your interviewer!
  • Send a thank you note to follow up on every interview.

And you’ll be happy to hear that Denise implores employers to respond to job applicants within seven to ten business days. “I think the worst think employers do is just leave people hanging,” she says.

We couldn’t agree more!