RedRocketResume is pleased to announce partnership with The WYN Group: Interviewing Just Became Easier. The WYN Method of interviewing is a fascinating and effective approach that’s all about shifting power, being proactive, and mastering the interview  It allows you the interviewee to proactively craft your image and become a unique standout in the interview process.

The WYN Method

In a nutshell, the WYN Method guides job seekers through the process of creating a Brag Book that you can hand to your interviewer. The WYN Method president, Jeff Rood, tells me that clients using his process are “nearly 90 percent effective in landing their targeted job.”

If you’ve been frustrated by the interview process, The WYN Method helps you tailor the interview to your strengths, regardless of your background. Whether you recently graduated, are out of work, or just have a hard time expressing yourself verbally, The WYN Method puts you in the driver’s seat.

Contact Jeff Rood here to learn more about his process and pricing.