The Office has kind of lost its shine for me post-Michael Scott. But I did catch the recent episode wherein Pam heads off to a job interview with a resume that, as she says, could fit on a post-it note.

Oh Pam, you ninny! You should have come to RedRocketResume! There are several great pieces of information Pam should have used to beef up her resume:

  • Promotion. Didn’t she land herself a promotion and create the office’s first-ever Office Manager position? That’s great resume material.
  • Accomplishments. Casting my mind back through past episodes, I think she could add items regarding event planning, company morale, process improvement, executive support…
  • Artwork. Though her artwork isn’t directly relevant to her current job target, she could mention her side-business painting murals, her art exhibits, and her recent commission to add interest to her resume.

I encounter many people who, like Pam, chronically sell themselves short and shy away from opportunities because of fear of the unknown. Creating a strong resume is a great morale booster and a great way to remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished.

Now I wonder what I’d write for Dwight’s resume…