GreenLightResume is RedRocketResume’s faster, sleeker little sister.

GreenLightResume is the fastest, most efficient way to get your new resume out there. It combines two effective job search tools:

1. Resume Tune-up

We’ll reorganize information for maximum results, give you a clear and professional design, write a Profile section, and make sure your resume uses perfect grammar and spelling.

2. Fast-Track Resume Distribution

Get a jump on the competition by posting your new resume on up to 100 career sites–all with only 15 minutes of your time.

Job sites such as Monster, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder are indispensable tools in your job search. But posting your resume on each site can be tedious. Plus, did you know that there are dozens of other sites, many focused on specific industries? Your dream job might not be on the big boards.

Resume Blaster lets you post to 90+ job boards all with one short process. You spend about 15 minutes filling out one application. Then you can access and monitor all your job boards from one easy-to-navigate web site. This saves you countless hours—both from posting to all those sites and navigating in and out of them to manage them all–while maximizing your exposure. Plus it comes with several other valuable job search helps, including automated job agents to search the web for the jobs you want.

At GreenLightResume we package these two powerful services together for just $99. It’s an unbeatable way to get your job search moving forward!

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