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You’ve probably heard about the Great Resignation. It’s a combination of factors following from the pandemic.

The upshot is that millions of professionals are reconsidering their career paths and resigning from their jobs, which means companies are desperate to find hires. 

Even with changing economic conditions, we’re still in a jobseekers’ market. The ball is in your court.

There’s NO EXCUSE to stay in a job that’s a bad fit.

 In this historic job market, EVERY professional needs to be READY.

Gone are the days when a professional stays at one job for decades. In fact, studies show that the average retiree has more than 15+ jobs at the time of retirement. This means you need to be ready to respond to opportunities when they come. 

RedRocketResume + Livlyhood are joining to help you make 2022 your year to be Career Ready.


Professional career development in easy (not overwhelming) steps


An empowering approach to job search strategy


Ready for the next great opportunity


A career on your terms


The tools you need to keep your career moving forward


Prepared for whatever the future brings

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The Perfect Pairing

Everything you need for a successful job search: career coaching and professional profiles.

Livlyhood Career Coaching

Britt Larsen, Career Confidence Coach

Professional career development services Livlyhood x RedRocketResume

“As a communications executive, I know what it takes to build a career you love. I help my clients gain confidence in their work, get paid more, and find joy in their jobs.”


Angela Ashurst-McGee, Resume Guru
Professional career development services Livlyhood x RedRocketResume

“Don’t let your resume hold you back from the job of your dreams. I built RedRocketResume to help professionals like you showcase their highest skills.”

I was getting nowhere in landing interviews or even getting much engagement…I applied for a job the day after she sent my new resume, was contacted the following day by an employer, and was offered the position by the end of that week.

I was thrilled with the final product.

I got an interview call on my very first submission.

When you need to redesign your life’s work experience and present your best self, this is where you turn…My writer didn’t just perfect my resume, she helped redefine my objectives for my career search.