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20 Ways to Sleuth a Target Company BEFORE You Apply

Sort of like Facebook stalking—for your career. One habit of savvy professionals is to keep tabs on companies of interest, such as companies that have a product you believe in or a workplace culture you admire. And any time you’re applying for a job, it’s well worth your while to do a little sleuthing on the target company’s background, branding, and vision. A few minutes of Internet research can give you insights on your target company’s brand, vision, and direction. This gives a clearer...

LinkedIn Engagement: 3 Simple Ways to Get in the Loop

Many of my resume clients are intimidated by LinkedIn. Another social media platform? Who has the time?? But LinkedIn remains the world’s largest business network, and getting on this bandwagon can be simple. Here are 3 easy ways to jump in and boost your LinkedIn engagement. As I’ve written about before, a strong LinkedIn presence is a career development must-have. Even if you’re not an active networker or social media buff, LinkedIn is important because hiring managers, employers, and...

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