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How to Conduct a Successful Job Search during the Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every area of life—including the job market. Despite the current economic slowdown, experts from career coaches to recruiters to HR professionals agree: Now is NOT the time to abandon your job search. Angela from RedRocketResume shares expert tips on how to navigate a successful job search during coronavirus.

Top 3 Interview Tips from Career Transition Strategists

RedRocketResume is pleased to partner with the career coaches at Job Seekers’ Edge. Founding partners Kathryn and Mary have worked with professionals in virtually every industry to help them land better-fit jobs. They bring a compassionate, common-sense approach to career development and job search. Kathryn and Mary focus on sourcing and applying for jobs, but they are equally passionate about interviewing skills. A candidate sending out 25 customized, good-fit resumes can expect to land...

The 10-Second Listening Hack That Will Revolutionize Your Professional Communications

We have a running joke in my family about phone calls with my father-in-law. He’s an action-oriented engineer who has little tolerance for pointless small talk. So when you call, you better be ready to get to the point. The conversation might start pleasantly enough: “How’s things? How are the kids?” But before you know it, seemingly mid-sentence, he calls out, “Okay, thanks for calling, good to talk to you, bye!” **Click** More than once, I have been left sputtering, “Wait! I called you for a...