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3 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Profile

Not long ago, LinkedIn was a fun-but-optional networking tool. Today, LinkedIn is as crucial to your professional repertoire as a good pair of slacks. Whether you’re a social networking fiend or an inveterate techno-phobe, this is one bandwagon you’ve gotta hop on. Of course, the most obvious use for LinkedIn is cultivating your professional network. Most people find their jobs through people they know. LinkedIn helps you leverage that network by keeping in contact with your old college buddy...

How to Conduct a Successful Job Search during the Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every area of life—including the job market. Despite the current economic slowdown, experts from career coaches to recruiters to HR professionals agree: Now is NOT the time to abandon your job search. Angela from RedRocketResume shares expert tips on how to navigate a successful job search during coronavirus.