I recently read a fascinating article on 3 Surefire Strategies to End Under Earning and Change Your Financial Circumstances. The article is geared toward women and encourages women to view their financial situation honestly and clearly, seek out friends and mentors who encourage success, and to respect money.

I would add Get a Great Resume as another powerful antidote to under-earning.

As a resume writer, I encounter many people who are languishing away in dead-end, unfulfilling, under-earning jobs. Sometimes this entropy is due to fear–fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of an uncomfortable or unsuccessful job search. Sometimes it’s the result of half measures–like sending a weak resume to a smattering of random, ill-suited job postings.

A strong resume is an essential foundation to a successful job search. Perhaps more important, the process of creating a strong resume–putting words to your accomplishments, writing them down, owning them–can give you the confidence and enthusiasm to break the cycle of under-earning and land the job you want and deserve.

If you’re under-earning, consider starting with a strong resume. RedRocketResume can help.